Hitchhiker: An Award-Winning Small Batch Botanical Rum Brand

Set up in 2021 by Nathan Aylott + James Van Tromp, Hitchhiker’s limited edition small batch botanical rum blends are all about bringing quality liquor together.

Hitchhiker’s rum defies convention, and seeks to broaden the rum market.

Although rum has largely been left behind in the premiumisation trend that other spirits have capitalised on in the past decade, Hitchhiker’s Founders Nathan Aylott and James Van Tromp firmly believe that product innovation could see the Hitchhiker spirit soar in popularity and accessibility.

As the founders of the interior design + branding studio, Aylott + Van Tromp, Nathan and James started Hitchhiker from a desire to get into the product market – to challenge themselves in a new sector/industry.

“Creating rum made complete sense to us. From a team that’s used to designing architectural spaces, the idea of creating a rum brand was somewhat enchanting – a product you could hold in your hand, and touch,” said James.

“We didn’t want to follow the market. We wanted to jump in head first, carefree, and free of any preconceptions of what we might create,” said Nathan.

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“Throughout our careers we have been involved in the re-positioning or the shaping of brands, so when it came to creating Hitchhiker, we used the exact same approach: a deep dive into the industry and similar products – whether that be their evolution, their strong and weak points, their audience and most importantly, why they became successful,” added Nathan.

Crafted in Bristol, the three limited edition blends — Sicilian Pine, Breton Sea Salt, and Azorean Orange Blossom — are a blend of the finest aged five year old rums that have been sourced from Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago.

The packaging purposefully utilises natural and eco-conscious materials — including eco-paper, glass, cork, and timber – with each edition identified not just by its individual hitchhiker, but also by the distinct colour identity of each label. 

Nathan Aylott and James Van Tromp are also the Founders of Nokken Cabins, an efficient and economic platform that makes it possible for hotel operators and landowners to start or diversify a retreat hospitality offering.

Hitchhiker was awarded with two Masters, and a Gold at the Rum & Cachaça Masters 2023.

Find out more here: https://www.hitchhikerrum.com