The Next Generation Eco Friendly Laundry Pod, By Homethings.

Homethings has developed two new laundry products, in response to the increasing demand for a truly sustainable eco-product that doesn’t compromise on efficacy.

Homethings (the most innovative challenger brand in the sustainable home-care sector) has announced the launch of its new-and-improved range of eco-friendly laundry pods – including a non-bio option, too.

The range includes a ‘super-concentrated bio,’ and ‘non-bio pods’ (the products are made from 100% non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients – providing a plant-and-mineral-based performance that is second-to-none).

Also, the formulas are EU Ecolabel-compliant. Homethings (a B-Corp) has opted in for powder-based pods – as opposed to liquid-concentrated formats: less water is used in the manufacturing/shipping process.

Another point is that the pods are perfectly dosed for convenience – highlighting one of Homethings’ values of ‘doing more with less’ (other laundry formats often encourage shoppers to use unnecessarily high dosages in each wash), AND the products are packaged in the UK in an FSC-certified cardboard box – eliminating the use of single-use plastic.

It’s worth noting that Homethings’ original range of Laundry Things pods included two biological options: fragranced and non-fragranced. However, after conducting in-depth customer research, the home-care brand discovered that 44% of its shoppers desired a non-bio option for eco shoppers with sensitive skin and allergies.

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In total, the survey drummed up 1,323 responses – demonstrating a strong and growing demand for a sustainable, efficacious laundry offering – that didn’t irritate people with sensitive skin.

The new non-bio option is 100% fragrance free and hypoallergenic, and Homethings are in the process of registering the product with allergy UK, as well.

“Sustainable innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Homethings. We’re making refill and reuse mainstream, and we’re creating sustainable, plant-based, and plastic free home care products that are accessible to all,” said Homethings’ Co-Founder, Tim Keaveney.

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