Modibodi® Announces Its First Ever Global Grant On #IWD2023.

Absorbent underwear brand, Modibodi® is launching its first ever global grant – to promote innovation and real-world impact, ‘The Modibodi® Game Changer Grant.’

‘The Modibodi® Game Changer Grant’ provides funding for a wide range of initiatives, organisations, and individuals that innovate and break the status quo, – helping them to: 1. develop their work, and 2. continue to create change.

We want to work with partners that inspire, and create change in the world. Our brand new grant is focused on supporting organisations that are making big changes in their chosen field,” said Modibodi’s Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs, Sarah Forde.

2023’s inaugural winner of the grant – is the UK-based organisation, Irise International, and its Period Equality Network – which champions grassroots action that improves menstrual health, and access to period products.

“In our tenth year as a brand, we wanted to build on the strong foundations we have laid in the period equity space through our ‘Give a Pair’ program, which has donated over $2,500,000’s worth of underwear. We offered our first Game Changer Grant to Irise International, and their work that supports menstrual equality,” added Sarah.

“We were delighted to be chosen as the inaugural recipient of the Modibodi® Game Changer Grant. At Irise, we empower young people to lead change, to influence national policy, and to transform period shame. This grant will support our work with ‘Empower Period,’ a network of young people who work in their own schools and communities to achieve period equality,” said Irise International’s CEO and Founder, Emily Wilson.

Modibodi® was set up by Kristy Chong, an Australian mum of four. She came up with the Modibodi® concept after experiencing light incontinence during her marathon training in 2011. Kristy quickly discovered that the only solutions available for managing incontinence – were disposable hygiene products that were ugly, inconvenient, uncomfortable, unreliable, and damaging for the environment. 

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Kristy was so frustrated, that she decided to launch a brand new solution, which went on to revolutionize the category. Initially, Kristy started out with a small range of patented leak-proof underwear – which has since gone to grow into an entirely new category of sustainable, reusable absorbent apparel. 

Her ambition led her to design, develop, and scientifically-prove her patented Modifier Technology leak-proof undies, before transforming them into what is now – the Modibodi® collection: a reusable, sustainable range of singlets, sweat-proof undies, and active-wear – designed to liberate all.

Modibodi® uses quality, savvy fabrics (such as Bamboo, Merino Perform Wool, and Microfibre), as well as the latest in breathable, antimicrobial fibres, with its patented Modifier Technology – a slim (3mm) stain resistant lining for modern periods and leaks. Also, Modibodi’s Modifier Air Technology is a moisture-wicking, odour-fighting lining.

Since launching, Modibodi® has won (and has been nominated for) numerous product and business awards, including the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and more.

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