Télle Moi: Handmade, Inclusive Nail Polish (And Nude Shades)

Nail polish brand, Télle Moi – was founded in 2019 by Natel Allen – after an unsuccessful search for a simple brown nude nail varnish that suited her skin tone.

Télle Moi = emerging nail and gel polish brand – that’s bringing inclusive nude nail shades to the masses.

It all started on the first day of Natel Allen’s new job. What started out as a dilemma of finding the right shade for a person of colour that wasn’t just a lighter or a darker shade of pink – has now become an inclusive and diverse brand, with over 72 vegan and cruelty-free shades, and 24 unique nude hues.

Télle Moi has grown to include a variety of sleek looking nail care products. The name Télle Moi came from Natel’s desire to create a brand that is reflective and inclusive of people like her.

Along with developing a regular (and growing) customer base, Natel has received extensive media coverage, and her nail polishes have even made a cameo in the Netflix popular series, Top Boy.

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Natel is a 31-year-old Black British business owner of Caribbean descent from East London, who boasts a degree in International Business with Law, and a recent qualification in VTCT Level 3 Nail Technology. The nail polish entrepreneur has worked in a variety of industries, including the education sector.

“Télle Moi is essentially what I wanted to see in stores that I did not see for myself. Not everyone will understand, but I started this business to meet a need that arose for me and I wanted it to be vegan and cruelty free,” concluded Natel.

Find out more here: https://www.tellemoi.co.uk