IWD: ‘72% of Women Want To Start A Business,’ Research Shows

Herbalife Nutrition (the active and lifestyle nutrition brand) has conducted new research that focuses on women in business, for IWD: International Women’s Day.

The active and lifestyle nutrition brand’s Regional Vice President, Violetta Zlatareva – dived into how an estimated 252 million women are running their own business(es) worldwide. The research (that consists of 9000 women in 15 different countries) has revealed that a whopping 72% of women want to start/run their own business.

So why aren’t they? Although the desire is there, the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ seems a little more elusive.

“For many women – especially those with caring responsibilities, the traditional world of work is often inflexible – resulting in a balancing act of many tasks, which can make navigating a successful career challenging. However, becoming a business owner can provide women with the flexibility to bypass some of these impediments,” said Herbalife Nutrition’s Regional Vice President, Violetta Zlatareva.

“As a result, it’s a prospect that appeals to many women,” Violetta revealed.

So. Should you start from scratch, or not?

According to Violetta, not necessarily.

“Working with an established direct/social selling company or a franchise – allows you to build on the success of a brand that’s already established, and is well-known – with a significant share of the market – a supercharged/quicker/easier start for those who want to be their own boss,” advises Violetta.

One example is Susan Ma and Lord Sugar’s business, Tropic Skincare (who we’ve previously featured).

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“Also, direct selling provides flexibility – giving you the option of building a business that you can fit around your other demands – freeing you up to work in a way that best suits you and your lifestyle choices,” added Violetta.

However, starting from scratch it STILL an option, as is becoming a Co-Founder in someone else’s business (check out CoFoundersLab for help with this). Also, with the advent of Shopify, Klarna and Instagram/TikTok shopping, success is entirely within your reach.

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