VANDALKIDS + feelerhead’s Clare Elliot: A Cutting Edge Event

For its next capsule collection, VANDALKIDS has teamed up with the artist, Clare Elliot (who designed the NFT collection, feelerhead) – on a cutting edge event.

The works were designed by Clare Elliot, and the Web3 expert, David Atkinson.

The project brings together art, technology, and self-expression. The collection consists of 1111 hand drawn heads – each with their own unique expression (a new generation of emojis) – released as NFTs.

The VANDALKIDS and feelerhead collaboration will take place on Saturday 18th March – at the Camden Image Gallery. It’ll be a cutting-edge interactive pop-up – that’s been designed for families with kids aged 5-10 – who’ll enjoy a new way to shop brands with purpose, whilst investing in the future of art.

It’ll feature three rooms with three experiences:

  1. An IMMERSIVE ROOM: for kids to explore their feelings through all senses (i.e. with textures, lights, colours, music, games, challenges, dancing, and meditation),
  2. A CRAFT ROOM: for kids to create their own expressive Emoji to take home (materials are provided), and:
  3. A WORKSHOP ROOM: for kids to choose their favourite VANDALKIDS clothes, and the feelerhead emoji they’d like to customise it with – whilst seeing it come to life in front of them.

VANDALKIDS = high-quality, practical, and comfortable kidswear, for kids aged 3-10. The pieces are long-lasting, and… they encourage children to be more creative.

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“feelerhead and VANDALKIDS share the same views when it comes to the importance of creativity and self-expression in life, and how art and fashion can be strong tools for kids to explore and express their feelings where word sometimes lack,” said VANDALKIDS’ Founder, Katheline Vandal.

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