The Female Bartending Scholarship Programme, By Double Dutch

Double Dutch has launched its ‘Female Bartending Scholarship Programme’ for the third year running – to foster new female talent in the hospitality industry.

With research showing that women accounted for a shocking (and low) 30% of all hospitality leaders, Double Dutch has launched its third scholarship cohort. The programme aims to curb inequality in the industry, by reducing the disparity of women in senior hospitality positions.

Applications for the programme are open from now – until the 3rd of May, with eight places available for women, trans women, and non-binary people – at any stage of their career.

The scholarship/12-week programme will help women to unlock new opportunities, further their progression, and expand their network, whilst expediting drinks knowledge and building confidence. The first session is due to start on Monday 19th June at Club Soda – followed by a second face-to-face session at 58 Gin Distillery on the 10th July.

The sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including mixology, cocktail families, signature serves, building menus, flavour pairings, mindful drinking, social media, marketing, professional coaching, and more.

Amy Warne, a scholar from last year’s programme, successfully secured a promotion to Head Bar Coach at The Botanist upon completion of the course. This year’s scholarship will feature a whole host of industry trailblazers, including Club Soda’s Laura Willoughby, and Carmen O’Neal from 58 Gin Distillery – to name just a few.

“The hospitality industry is particularly difficult for women, as they are so underrepresented in senior and management positions. A big part of the Female Bartending Scholarship Programme – is to help women to progress further, by supporting them to build their personal brand in the industry,” said Double Dutch’s Founder Raissa de Haas.

Co-founded by twin sisters Raissa and Joyce de Haas in 2015, Double Dutch is a premium mixer brand that is famous for its wide range of award-winning tonics and mixers. All flavours in the eleven-strong range are created through the process of molecular gastronomy, which results in unique, counter-intuitive, delicious flavour combinations.

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The portfolio includes innovative and flavourful mixers, such as ‘Cucumber & Watermelon,’ ‘Pomegranate & Basil,’ ‘Cranberry & Ginger Tonic,’ ‘Skinny Tonic Water,’ ‘Ginger Ale,’ ‘Ginger Beer,’ and more. There’s also two Cocktail Sodas, ‘Bloody Mary,’ and ‘Cucumber Margarita,’ and more recently, a ‘Pink Grapefruit Soda.’

Double Dutch is now available in 45 countries, including Belgium, their native Netherlands, and the USA. The brand became carbon neutral in 2022, and Raissa and Joyce de Haas are currently pursuing a B-Corp status.

The concept of creating a drinks’ brand was ingrained in Raissa and Joyce de Haas from an early age.

Their parents owned a licensed garden (they would invite all of their neighbours/friends over for weekly gin and tonic tastings). Being exposed to quality spirits throughout their lives – inspired the twins to create high quality mixers.

You can apply for the ‘Female Bartending Scholarship Programme’ here.

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