“Goodbye Throwaway Culture:” FixIts (As Seen On Dragons Den)

“Goodbye throwaway culture…” FixIts: the ideal solution for fixing almost anything in and out of the home, with an infinite number of uses, and no expiry date.

Launched in 2018 by Chris Lefteri and Forrest Radford (off the back of a crowd-funding campaign), FixIts is a mold-able fixing stick – that can be used for multiple purposes, including DIY.

The sticks are non-toxic and bio-compatible. They don’t leave a smell, or any residue – even in heated water.

The best way to use the sticks – is to dunk them into hot water. Then, they can be remolded into anything (they can be used to fix broken phone cables, to fix washing stands, or… to stop a watering can leak).

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When founder and industrial designer Chris Lefteri saw that the 20th landmark series of Dragons’ Den were looking for new applicants, he didn’t think about it for a single second. He applied right away.

“I only had three minutes to make that pitch. But even in that short space of time, I was able to get all five of the Dragons to be supportive of FixIts, and to get behind what we’re trying to do here. They were all very encouraging. They’re experts in retail, business, and branding, so it was absolute honor to have their support,” said Chris.

Find out more here: https://www.fixits.com