Waste Not And Be Mindful: Reusable Fabric Household Products

Run by two sisters Katy Nicholson and Suzy Stanton, Waste Not And Be Mindful launched in 2021 as a bid to help households to make changes to reduce their waste.

Their product range includes fabric wipes, gift wrapping, and crackers, as well as the occasional one-of-a-kind bag – made from fabric remnants.

The brand’s philosophy is to help people to make small changes to the household products they buy – to reduce the amount of waste and pollution they create.

Also, Katy and Suzy provide eco-mindful tips on social media and on their blog. Their product review average on Etsy sits at five stars.

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Katy is an experienced seamstress, and Suzy is a professional writer.

“We’re passionate about creating affordable products that help people to make small changes that’ll have a big impact on the amount of single-use plastics we consume,” said Katy and Suzy.

Find out more here: https://wastenotandbemindful.co.uk