Aquanissos: Swimwear – Made With Sustainable Techno-Fabrics.

Aquanissos = high-end, ethically-produced swimwear pieces that embrace fun, bold, colourful and youthful styles – whilst enhancing/supporting the female figure.

Launched in 2020 by Anna Philip, Aquanissos was inspired by the lack of fashion-conscious, supportive luxury swimwear brands. Aquanissos = high quality, flattering, supportive, and re-wearable swimwear pieces for all.

The pieces are created from a luxury, sustainable techno-fabric that is made from regenerated nylons (and pre-and-post-consumer waste), AND they’re delivered in eco-packaging.

Designed to last season after season, the pieces are ultra-resistant to chlorine, sun cream, oils, and UV rays.

Aquanissos’ Founder Anna Philip – has always had a passion for fashion, and sustainable living.

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“I felt inspired to design swimwear products – due to the need for superior quality, well-made pieces – that provide an alternative to the proliferation of low-value fast fashion. It was important to create sassy pieces with bold materials – whilst still ensuring that the cut was classic, comfortable, flattering, and timeless,” said the former city finance worker.

“I wanted women to feel confident in their swimwear, positive about their bodies, and empowered to conquer the beach in style – practical in their comfort, wearability, and longevity, yet full of sass for those who want to be seen,” continued Anna.

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