Lord Sugar Invests In Marnie Swindells’ Boxing Gym Business.

The Apprentice final/winner announcement: Marnie Swindells beats Rochelle Raye Anthony in the final, and Lord Sugar invests in Marnie’s new boxing gym business.

“With my experience in the boxing industry, and with Lord Sugar’s experience in business, I believe that we will be a winning combination,” said Marnie Swindells.

We agree, and here’s why: following Marnie’s stellar and undeniable performance this last twelve weeks (especially after hearing the gold medal-winning boxer’s touching and emotional pitch in the final), the writing was on the wall.

BUT, it wasn’t all plain-sailing. Far from it in fact.

“Marnie – she has never run a business before, and she has chosen a business that is very competitive. Can she stand out?” said Baroness Brady – in the last few minutes of the final.

However, Tim thought she was onto something: “as an ambassador of a boxing facility, there is no one better than Marnie, and what she stands for,” said Baroness Brady’s fellow judge on the show, Tim Campbell MBE.

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That being said, he was concerned about Rochelle Raye Anthony’s salon and academy business: “Having been in business for a number of years, I’m not 100% sure that she’s captured that piece about how she takes it from one successful store to a nationwide entity,” continued Tim.

Regardless though (and with Rochelle being such a strong contender), ultimately, Lord Sugar’s investment decision came down to: 1. his own personal preference(s), and: 2. his appetite for risk. And being (in his own words) “a gambler,” and a sports enthusiast, his decision to invest in Marnie seemed like the obvious choice.

“What an incredible opportunity/moment for a girl like me to get to a place like this, and to have become Lord Sugar’s business partner. It feels strange to say that, but I’m not going to stop saying it, because I am so happy,” said Marnie.

Congratulations Marnie (and Lord Sugar). Well deserved.

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