Willa And The Bear: UK Designed Nursery Essentials (For All)

Designed in Norfolk, UK (and made in artisan studios in Nepal and India), Willa And The Bear – is famous for its wide range of block-printed nursery essentials.

Willa And The Bear came to light in 2015. The business was launched by Hattie Goodley – a former luxury travel worker – who spent several years living in Nepal.

On a trip to Nepal, Hattie slept under a traditional Nepalese muslin duvet. It was then, that she discovered how soft they were. And seeing as she had just welcomed her first baby, she desired something similar for her nursery at home.

Also, an old friend of hers had just set up a block printing studio. Hattie started to work collaboratively with the studio – to create her first handful of Supersize Muslin Blankets. The blankets sold out in a few weeks.

Next up: Hattie booked a stand at a London-based trade show, where she picked up an award for ethical design – which was closely followed by a Junior Design Award in the Best Children’s Interiors Collection.

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As well as this, Willa And The Bear has been featured in various publications, including Vogue, Sheeluxe, Louenna, Collagerie, and more.

“Post pandemic, my customers have a much clearer understanding of how artisan pieces are produced,” said Hattie.

“We don’t deal with factories or large scale production lines. In fact, all our products are made in small batches, which takes immense skill – as well as considerable time, so it’s wonderful to know that we have a customer base who appreciates and values this,” added Hattie.

Find out more here: https://willaandthebear.com