Ellis Gin: Scottish-Made, Naturally Coloured, Flavoured Gins

Launched in 2018 by Carol Jackson, Ellis Gin is a new range of exciting and stunning beverages – that brings fun, colour, elegance, and taste to the gin market.

The gin has been distilled in its home of Scotland since the very beginning – becoming a cornerstone of the Scottish alcohol production market.

The range is a boutique collection of naturally-coloured, flavoured gins. Two of the gins change colour when a mixer is added. The products include their Ellis No.1 Zesty Gin, their Ellis No.2 Scottish Bramble, their Ellis Butterfly Pea, their Ellis No.4 Pink Shimmer, and… their Ellis No.5 Lemon.

Also, Ellis Gin has bagged itself a Scottish Gin Award, and a the CoporateLiveWive Scotland Prestige Award for 2021/2022, as well as being listed in more than fifty bars, restaurants, and independent shops across the UK.

Another point worth mentioning is that every year, Ellis Gin’s ‘Think Pink’ box generates money for charity, with profits from the sale of each Pink Gin – going towards the Pink Ribbon foundation.

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Prior to launching her business, Ellis Gin’s Founder Carol was a Business Transformation Director in Financial Services for more than twenty years, where she ran large programmes for major banks. But “having worked as a corporate entrepreneur, I decided that I wanted to be my own boss,” said Carol. And the rest is history.

And last but not least, NEW Ellis Gin products are expected to launch this summer (2023).

Find out more here: https://ellisgin.com