Douvall’s: Argan Skincare With Cold Pressed Oil From Morocco

Launched in 2010 (by a mother-and-daughter duo), Douvall’s is a skincare brand that sources its cold-pressed organic Argan oil from the semi deserts of Morocco.

Alicia and Georgia Douvall started their entrepreneurial journey after stumbling across the wonders of Argan oil on their travels. They were amazed by how it transformed their skin. Although they started their business from a kitchen in a second-floor flat in London, impressively, ten+ years on, you now can find their products in major retailers.

Alicia Douvall (a former model) used to suffer with Rosacea, and dry, patchy skin. However, Argan oil transformed her skin. Also, the PH balancing, anti-inflammatory efforts of the oil – calmed and healed her teenage daughter, Georgia’s skin, too (Georgia had previously suffered with acne).

It all started when Alicia and Georgia visited the Moroccan semi-deserts, where they met dozens of women’s co-operatives, until they found the very best organic cold pressed Argan oil.

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Since then, the partnership has gone from strength to strength, and Douvall’s has been able to build a school for the children of the workers.

“Of all the expensive creams and harsh treatments we had tried, nothing transformed our skin like Douvall’s Organic first cold pressed Argan Oil did. Douvall’s is a brand made by women for women,” said Alicia and Georgia Douvall.

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