Shady: The Revolutionary Vehicle Window Sunshade For Babies.

Launched in 2020 by Kevin Willis, Shady is a revolutionary black-and-white car + vehicle window sunshade – that has been designed especially for newborn babies.

The Shady sunshade (which comes in black and white – to help babies with their cognitive development) is made with the latest printing technology. The product blocks 86% of harmful UV rays. Also, because it is hard-wearing and super adhesive, small hands cannot remove it.

Prior to launching the Shady, Bristol-based Kevin – worked in the printing industry for more than a decade, where he looked after some of the biggest brands in the world.

With a first-class degree in creative product design, Kevin was frustrated with the lack of innovation in the vehicle sunshade space, so he decided to put his years in the printing trade to good use – by inventing a sunshade that was more versatile than his competitors.

The result was Shady® – the first ever fully-adhesive car sunshade – that allows users to fully-wind their car window down – to get some fresh air and ventilation into the vehicle. Also, Kevin wanted to make it his mission – to focus on the needs of the children who were travelling in the back of the car.

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“The contrasting black and white design of Shady® was chosen to help babies’ cognitive development. Newborn babies can only see in black and white for approximately the first three months of their life, and so bold black-and-white imagery was deliberately selected – to help stimulate their visual system and cognitive development,” said Kevin.

Furthermore, all of Shady’s parts are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Kevin has patented his design, and he has committed to achieving sustainable credentials, by integrating several sustainable elements into his products, including biodegradable alcohol wipes, non-PVC mini squeegees, and more.

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