Mumsome: Yummy Homemade Porridge Mixes – For Weaning Babies.

Launched in 2020 by Deepa Vinay in Manchester, Mumsome Foods – serves delicious homemade porridge and pudding mixes, nationwide – for the whole family to enjoy.

Deepa Vinay studied an MSc in Biotechnology – at Manchester University, before starting her entrepreneurial journey (which was inspired by her son’s birth).

“My son was born prematurely in the winter of 2012. I looked into weaning recipes. As soon as my son was ready for a pureed diet, I introduced ragi (‘finger millet’) porridge into his diet – as a main source of nutrition,” said Deepa.

Next up, Deepa asked her family to send factory-made ragi mixes from India, but they took ages to arrive, the delivery charges were sky-high, and the mixes didn’t stay fresh for long. So Deepa took matters into her own hands, by making her own ragi porridges. However after being dissatisfied with countless ‘tasteless’ attempts, she learned how to prepare Nutty porridge mixes and multigrain mixes from her grandmother and her aunt – during her visits to India.

Because those mixes are packed with nutrition and nuts, they’re an incredible source of iron, minerals, and calcium that children need – to boost their immunity, and their overall well-being.

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“That’s when and how the idea was born. Now, we prepare ragi porridge mixes from scratch – here in the UK,” said Deepa.

The Mumsome range includes: Sprouted Wheat and Whole Green Gram Mix, Infant Sprouted Ragi Mix, Infant Multigrain Ragi Mix, Nutty Ragi Porridge Mix, Ragi Ladoo Mix, and more.

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