Wear ‘Em Out: Eco-Friendly, Practical + Reusable Period Pads

“Let’s talk about reusable period pads…” Launched in 2020 by Lauren Derret, Wear ‘Em Out is reducing waste, via its eco-friendly, reusable period pad products.

Prior to launching Wear ‘Em Out, Lauren had been a reusable pad wearer for five years, but she didn’t feel represented by the designs she was finding, so she decided to launch her own brand, instead.

Her mission was to design a stylish, practical pad – that people would feel comfortable talking about with their friends – to open up the conversation surrounding reusable period pads. And through the fear of her own daughter heading down the disposable route, Lauren decided that she must be the one to create the ‘must-have’ period pad.

“I wanted to create a brand that was noticed by the mainstream, and I wanted to ensure that my daughter felt comfortable talking about her menstrual health. I created the brand with my daughter in mind, and since launching, Wear ‘Em Out has been bought by 10,000+ customers who want to move away from disposable products,” said Lauren.

Prior to launching Wear ‘Em Out, Lauren was a birth doula, and a hypnobirth teacher.

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She also ran an Instagram account called ‘This Girl is Enough.’

Lauren was also a motivational speaker – who held multiple events to raise money for Women’s Aid (she is a survivor of domestic violence herself), AND she wrote the book, ‘Filter Free – Real Life Stories of Real Women.’

Find out more here: https://wearemout.co.uk