Coy Biscuit: Exquisite Edible Art That Promotes Inclusivity.

Coy Biscuit is famous for its exquisite edible art – that celebrates inclusivity + body positivity – + is made from a micro-bakery in East London, by Esi Essel.

Launched in 2017, Coy Biscuit is a fully-vegan, iced-biscuit brand.

After graduating with a degree in illustration, the brand’s Founder, Esi Essel – was looking for an opportunity to combine her love for art and design – with her passion for baking and moulding. What started out as a hobby (with a few personal orders for friends, family, and acquaintances) – quickly became a sought-after business.

I had the urge to create something more tactile than simply putting pen to paper, or working on digital illustrations. That just wasn’t enough for me. Initially, I started out, by illustrating what I was most comfortable with: people,” said Esi.

Although Esi wasn’t setting out to develop a brand with inclusivity at its forefront, as a minority, she did feel as though it was important to showcase people and bodies of different shapes, sizes, and colours: “People resonated with that, and it became even more important to actively focus on that – whilst also honing my skills to be able to turn basically anything into biscuit art,” said Esi.

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Esi’s artistic talent, coupled with delicious biscuits – has proved to be a successful formula. To date, Coy Biscuit has worked collaboratively with some big brands, including TikTok, H&M, Nike, Revolution Makeup, and more.

Also, Coy Biscuit formed a winter partnership with Malibu, which ran over the course of several months. Esi hosted eight Christmas icing and cocktail masterclasses with the drinks giant, and she collaborated with them – to create some bespoke, giant Malibu gift boxes that featured her biscuits – for press, and for celebrity gifting.

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