Hair Syrup: The Best-Selling, TikTok-Viral, Hair-Care Brand.

22-year-old Lucie Macleod launched Hair Syrup in 2019. The brand was born on social media – growing into a cult-fave, with tens of thousands of loyal customers.

Lucie’s incredible success story began in 2019: desperate to revive her dry and damaged locks, she set out on a one-woman hair-care mission.

After graduating from the University of Warwick with a First Class Honours degree in English Literature, Lucie created some pre-wash treatments to treat her own damaged locks. But after posting a transformation video on TikTok, her video went viral, and her product sold out in seconds.

“Hair Syrup started by accident! I had been using these oils on my own hair for a few years – in an attempt to restore my then severely bleach damaged hair, and the transformation was incredible,” said Lucie.

“It was the combination of my own personal experience with the products, and the realization that there was a gap in the market for this type of product – that inspired me to turn this into a business,” said Lucie.

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And that’s exactly what Lucie did.

Put simply, Hair Syrup = natural, clean pre-wash hair oil treatments, and rehab for your hair. The range includes pump bottled syrups, hair care tools, bundles, and more. The products are manufactured in Lincolnshire, they’re distributed from a warehouse in Pembrokeshire, and they comply with UK and EU regulations.

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