Perfect Serve Cocktails: Classic Cocktails, With A Modern Twist

Perfect Serve Cocktails = classic cocktails and modern classics, – with a unique twist.  The brand ensures that ONLY the very best quality spirits are selected.

A perfect example of this, is their ‘Rich Chocolate Old Fashioned,’ which a modern twist on the world-renowned classic Old Fashioned. The base is reinvented with dark rum, before being blended with Fair-Trade approved Fair Cacao, angostura bitters, and chocolate bitters. It is then further elevated – with gold metallic powder, for a rich effect.

Perfect Serve Cocktails was launched by Harry Jones and Jumaane Camero.

Prior to launching the business, Harry used to work for The London Cocktail Club, and The Alchemist Bar & Restaurant. One of his most notable times at The London Cocktail Club, was winning a cocktail competition.

Daring and eccentric, Jumaane is a structural engineer. He is constantly problem solving. His previous career as a boxer – heightened the personality traits of an entertainer.

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When Harry and Jumaane had regular catch-ups, they would visit bars across London. With Harry’s knowledge, and both of them eager to try new things, they would ask the bartenders for different twists on cocktails that were not listed in the regular menu. It was these concoctions that Harry and Jumaane have shared with the wider community.

And lastly, Perfect Serve Cocktails showcases their products to the community of Dulwich – in the Horniman Market on Sundays. There has always been ‘a great response’ from those who have sampled them. “Creating cocktails is an art. There’s such diversity, yet it takes a lot of skill and experience to perfect,” said Harry.

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