WARE Collective: Timeless Luxury Fashion And Accessories.

Ware Collective launched to redefine fashion – through innovative silverware. Each crafted item is emblazoned with a Sterling silver label, as a stamp of luxury.

Launched in 2022, Ware Collective seeks to delivers a timely and timeless form of indulgence – that synthesizes meaningful value and a refined design, by elevating everyday essentials.

The Ware Collective range – is a line that spans baseball caps, card holders, beanies, statement jewellery, and wash bags – made from exceptional materials, by expert craftsmen.

Ware Collective’s Founder, Charlotte “Bunny” Coombs (27) is a trained gemologist of GIA in NYC, and bespoke jewellery. She has worked for diamond dealers and fine jewellery brands across the globe – bearing witness to the world’s most iconic designs, and the most coveted of stones.

Charlotte wanted to apply the principle of lasting value that comes with fine jewellery – to fashion products and everyday essentials, to create items that are luxurious not by name, but by nature.

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By using materials of exceptional quality through designs that are beautifully simple and playfully ironic, this London-based brand appeals to a quietly materialistic consumer.

Ware Collective critiques the world of branded luxury – through the use of minimal design, and pure precious metal, which holds actual and lasting worth, starting with its iconic baseball cap.

“I wanted to replicate the feeling of indulgence that comes with purchasing a recognizable logo’d item, but back it with an assured sense of investment – a Sterling silver label – a healthier price-to-value ratio – in a timeless design, that champions sustainability,” said Charlotte.

Find out more here: https://warecollective.co.uk