Support Your Child’s Mental Health – With Stix Mindfulness.

“Mindfulness is an essential tool for a child’s mental health. Our aim is to make it accessible for children everywhere,” said Liam, a Stix Mindfulness Founder.

Launched just recently – by a father-and-son business duo, named John and Liam, Stix Mindfulness provides families with engaging, interactive, and remote technology – to support their child’s mental health and well-being.

The product (‘The Stix Remotes’) is a fun and engaging way for children to practice mindfulness techniques – to reduce stress and anxiety, by teaching them coping mechanisms – that will stay with them for life.

The Stix Remotes’ includes interactive mindfulness activities – designed to help children to develop life skills, including concentration, focus, and emotional regulation. The Stix team collaborated with psychologists at Brunel University – to develop a series of mindfulness activities, that following well-researched mindfulness principles.

The founders have already received positive feedback from parents and educators who have used the product with children, along with data from an early pilot study with Brunel – that suggests that Stix helps to boost mood(s), and reduce anxiety – which the founders now plan to take forward into a clinical trial.

The inspiration for Stix came from Liam’s own personal experience of growing up with his brother, who has ADHD.

Liam was determined to explore alternatives to conventional medication for children with the ADHD condition.

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He wanted to support families on the six month+ long CAMHS waiting list, so he explored how he could make mindfulness easier for children who typically struggle to concentrate. During his time at Brighton University (whilst he was doing a BA in Product Design), he developed the first concept for Stix.

Next up, Liam teamed up with his father, John (an experienced Programme Director), and they worked together for three years – before finally being able to launch their first product, just in time for Children’s Mental Health Week.

“We are thrilled to have launched our first product, and we are so excited to see the impact it will have,” said the duo.

“The breathing activities help my daughter to calm herself if she’s feeling worried, and the balance activity helps her to refocus. It distracts her from anxious thoughts,” said a parent – who has used the product with her own children.

Already, Liam and John’s innovative business has won an Innovate UK, Young Innovators Award. Also, Liam and John are currently pilot-testing in schools, as well as running a pilot study – with the ADHD Foundation.

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