Get A Moment of Calm, With Time For Me Teas – By Kate Whorlow

Each one of Time For Me Teas‘ blends are created by Kate Whorlow herself, using organic loose leaf herbs. They’re caffeine free – without any flavourings added.

Launched in 2019 by a herbalist/natural health practitioner named Kate Whorlow, Time For Me Teas is a range of relaxing teas. Most of the blends are made-to-order, with small batches created for sale at farmer markets + food and drink events in Cornwall + Devon. There are now 15 different tea blends available for purchase, with more on the way.

There’s also a monthly subscription coming, which is launching on June 8th this year (in 2023).

Kate Whorlow qualified as a natural health practitioner back in 1998. She previously worked as a pharmacy technician – before becoming an entrepreneur, and a self employed mother. Taking care of her two neuro-divergent teenagers, Kate suffers with chronic illness. She created the tea blends to get a moment of peace, and to create a new ritual of self care, whilst also benefiting from the traditional healing elements of organic herbs.

“I wanted to prove that herbal teas can be good for both your mental health, and your physical well-being,” said Kate.

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It all started on a wet day, during the school holidays. The kids were bored, and they wouldn’t give Kate a moment to get on with the chores – leaving her feeling frazzled and unable to focus. All she wanted – was five minutes of peace, and to be able to think clearly.

Maybe a cup of herbal tea might help? After looking at her home apothecary, Kate selected a few herbs that would work well together – to support her stressed-out body, and… she made a cup of tea.

And from that first sip, she felt her mind and body relax. She felt calmer, more present, and in a happier mood. And with positive feedback from friends and family, her first tea blend, ‘Serenitea’ was born.

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