SEVEN BRO7HERS + FOUR SIS4ERS – The Alcohol Family Business.

The SEVEN BRO7HERS + FOUR SIS4ERS merger has put all eleven McAvoy siblings together under one roof – making them the largest alcohol family business in Europe.

SEVEN BRO7HERS was founded in 2014 by the McAvoy brothers – Guy, Keith, Luke, Daniel, Nathan, Kit, and Greg – who were inspired by their dad’s home-brewing, in the cellar at home.

In January 2023, the brewery acquired the SIS4RS DISTILLERY. The buy-out saw the brand’s craft gin, rum, and vodka business – brought under the SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWING CO brand.

“We are so excited to be under one roof. Family is the foundation of our business, so it is fantastic to bring the sisters into our fold. Now you can really #jointhefamily, drink, and enjoy the full collection of our beers and spirits,” said the siblings.

After seeing their brothers’ success, the McAvoy sisters – Kerry Collins, Hayley Robinson, Kate Haslam, and Lucy White – decided that they wanted in on the action, so they launched the SIS4ERS Distillery in 2018, before producing a range of five delicious, flavoured gins, and… a Spiced Rum.

SEVEN BRO7HERS run their beer houses in Middlewood Locks and MediaCityUK, in Salford and Ancoats in Manchester. They also run a taproom bar in the brewery.

In July 2020, they opened their partnership bar at Manchester Airport’s new T2 Departure Lounge, and in May 2021, they opened the doors to a Beerhouse in the heart of Liverpool.

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Surprisingly, NONE of the SEVEN BRO7HERS come from a food or a drinks’ background. Guy was an electrical engineer, Nathan was a professional rugby player, and Kit was a head teacher.

“We are eleven siblings of varying ages and life experiences. Our backgrounds include IT, engineering, finance, teaching and trades. Each one of us brings a unique perspective and new ways of working – that has grown our business, and shaped our success,” said SEVEN BRO7HERS’ CEO, Keith McAvoy.

More recently, Salford’s FOUR SIS4ERS DISTILLERY launched a limited-edition fruit-waste strawberry gin, the Wonky Windsor – to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. The drink is distilled slowly and lovingly in the SIS4ERS’ Arnold Holstein copper still. It was inspired by King Charles’ love for the environment, and his passion for sustainability.

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