SMUGGLERS: Revolutionary Ice Cream – With Hidden Vegetables.

After selling Fourpure, Dan Lowe launched an ice cream brand, called SMUGGLERS – disrupting the category, by ‘smuggling’ vegetables into traditional ice cream.

SMUGGLERS’ ice creams are aimed at families who want goodness in their ice cream – without having to compromise on taste and texture.

Dan Lowe and Toby Moore (whose past clients include Ben & Jerry’s and Mars), and the technology entrepreneur, James Sewell – are all dads who recognise first-hand – that getting veg into children can be a struggle.

The team underwent extensive taste testing and research, before launching in 2020: “Our testing revealed that there is huge latent demand for the SMUGGLERS proposition, with over 40% of households with children across all social demographic groups expressing an interest in buying it,” said The SMUGGLERS’ Co-Founder, Toby Moore.

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“The thing is, really good ice cream needs the fat found in milk, and the natural sugar for it to taste great. So, instead of taking anything out, we simply added the goodness in! A scoop or two of veggies goes into every pot of our family favourite flavours, which is just enough to pack in the nutrients and vitamins, but not too much to be detected – by even the brightest of taste buds,” said fellow Founder, Dan Lowe.

Thanks to those veggie additions, the ice creams incude less fat, reduced sugar, and fewer calories. The first two products are Chocolate with hidden beetroot, and Vanilla with hidden parsnip, with more to come in the future!

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