Dalia Botanique: Skincare Inspired By Wildflower Botanicals.

Launched in 2020, Dalia Botanique is a skincare brand that takes inspiration from wildflower botanicals, and cottage garden flowers that we grow here in the UK.

Combined with up-cycled zero-waste ingredients such as tomato seed, grape seed, and raspberry seed oil, the Dalia Botanique range includes nourishing facial oils, cleansers, and body oils – for those who love the outdoors, and nature.

Dalia Botanique aims to reduce, reuse, restore, and recycle where possible, to ensure that its packaging and products are as environmentally-friendly as possible. “Kind to the skin, and kind to the environment too,” said the brand’s Founder, a 41-year-old entrepreneur from Wakefield, Yorkshire, named Dalia Hawley – who developed a new love for gardening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dalia began to recognise the properties of the plants she grew, so she decided to combine this with her passion for skincare and well-being, to create the luxurious range that is now Dalia Botanique. Prior to launching the brand, Dalia owned a sports massage business, where she formulated massage oils for her customers. However, the pandemic cost her her business, and she had to rely on Universal Credit for a while.

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But with plenty of newly-found time on her hands, she enrolled in two skincare schools, where she learnt the art of organic skincare formulation over a two year period – whilst developing her own range.

“During the summer, sales really dropped for us. We decided that if things didn’t improve by Easter, then we’d have to close the business. However from November, our sales began to steadily rise, to the point where we tripled our December sales. Since then, we have carried on tripling,” said Dalia.

Find out more here: https://daliabotanique.co.uk