We Love Cake: Gluten, Wheat, And Milk Free Products For All.

The Bells Of Lazonby bakery was launched by a fighter pilot named John Bell in 1946, post WW2. His son/successor Michael – has continued on his father’s legacy.

Bells of Lazonby is situated on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria.

The We Love Cake journey began in 2002, when Michael Bell (a second-generation family business owner) tried to live as a coeliac for a week. Unsatisfied with everything he ate, he decided to build a dedicated gluten, wheat, and milk-free bakery, and after years of honing, he launched We Love Cake in 2012.

Not only is the brand now sold across the UK in various different cafes and restaurants, but also, We Love Cake has been registered with Coeliac UK, as well as being declared as ‘suitable’ for those with coeliac disease.

Bells of Lazonby’s Head of Marketing, Josh Boydell-Smith – believes that with most British households regularly flexing their diet preferences, it’s time to target ALL consumers with free-from goods, and… to break down those supermarket aisle boundaries.

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“We Love Cake has pioneered vegan, gluten, wheat, and milk-free products that taste as good as their conventional competitor. Our bakers and innovation teams are always re-visiting recipes, to ensure that our products taste as good, if not better, than their non-free from alternatives,” said Josh.

Since launching, We Love Cake has been named as the fastest growing free-from sweet bakery brand for two consecutive years – growing +232% in volume, and +249% in value, year-on-year.

Find out more here: https://bellsoflazonby.co.uk

And here: https://we-love-cake.co.uk