OGGS®: Sustainable, Plant Based Egg Alternatives (And Treats)

OGGS® is on a mission to remove all hidden animal protein in the food chain, via plant based alternatives to everyday foods – eggs being just one of many.

The entire OGGS® range is plant-based, and aims to be as ethical as possible, by creating products that are better for the planet, by replacing animal protein in food products for plants, instead. The packaging is made from recycled materials.

Launched in 2019 by Hannah Carter, OGGS® seeks to remove the unnecessary and unethical egg products within the food chain – starting out with their own bakery, and their range of plant-based egg alternatives and sweet treats. Thanks to their hard work, to date, OGGS® has saved more than three million eggs, given half a million chickens the week off, and they’ve saved enough CO2 – to drive around the world 123 times.

Prior to launching OGGS®, Hannah spent twelve years in the pharmaceutical industry – launching products (globally) across a range of different disease areas. When she was 31, she became the youngest woman Senior Director in Europe at a top fifteen pharma company.

After launching OGGS®, Hannah and her team invented the world’s first patented liquid egg substitute – the OGGS® Aquafaba (which is made from chickpea tin’s water – the perfect substitute for baking and cooking).

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Hannah and her team have also created cakes that are tasty enough for everyone – regardless of your life choices.

“We want everyone to enjoy OGGS®. If only vegans ate our cakes, we wouldn’t be driving enough change, as they don’t eat eggs anyway,” said Hannah.

More recently, the brand has launched a new alternative called ‘Scrambled OGGS®,’ which produces 60% less CO2 equivalent than eggs. The product won the “World’s Best Egg Alternative” at the World Plant-Based Taste Awards.

Find out more here: https://www.loveoggs.com