Madison + Mayfair: Timeless, Luxurious Pieces For Your Home.

Launched in 2019 by Kate Conrad, Madison & Mayfair is a home décor brand that was inspired by Madison Avenue in New York, Mayfair townhouses and… London.

Madison & Mayfair = timeless, luxurious pieces for your home: homeware – inspired by the bright lights and ambiance of Madison Avenue in New York, the Georgian elegance of Mayfair townhouses, and… the quirky streets of London.

Kate Conrad’s lifelong passion for interior design inspired her to create Madison & Mayfair. With a background in education, and her family’s experience in the home interiors industry, Kate was able to hone her talent for instilling modern sensibilities into timeless pieces.

Her love for literature also played a significant role in the brand’s inspiration – resulting in collections that are beautiful, and that tell a story.

The most successful collections include: the Contemporary Deco Collection, the Exquisite Luxe Collection, and the Midnight Blush Collection. Each collection is designed to capture the essence of the literary classics that inspired them, whilst also incorporating modern design elements that make them relevant for contemporary living spaces.

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“Art does not depend in the slightest degree upon extravagance,” said Kate.

The focus is on creating pieces that are not only beautiful, but also affordable. Madison & Mayfair believes that everyone should have access to high-quality home décor and design, regardless of their budget.

Madison & Mayfair has been featured in various online publications, including YourHomeStyle, to name just one.

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