Monitor And Communicate With Your Children – With Angel Watch

Angel Watch: the smartphone alternative. It’s a smartwatch – that enables parents to monitor/communicate with their kids. No more social media, + no more apps.

Angel Watch’s technology is geared towards the parents of 5-11 year-olds. The cellular device – features GPS locating, and a calling ability, with geo-fencing – to notify parents of a child’s location. The device can also track and monitor a child’s activity, their vital signs, step-tracking and calorie burn, and it features a single SOS button – which can be used in emergency situations. It also includes voice messaging.

Angel Watch has just announced that the device will soon include blood sugar reading technology, too, making it – the first ever device to allow parents to continuously monitor their children’s glucose levels remotely.

“New emerging innovations, including our glucose reading technology, will help Angel Watch to further grow its global share of a multi-billion-pound market, whilst establishing our product as the definitive solution. We want parents to think: “Angel Watch now, smartphone later,” said Angel Watch’s CEO, Alex Clavel.

Initially, Angel Watch launched in the US in 2020, where it has developed revenue streams through partnerships with AT&T and T-Mobile – through monthly subscriptions. Without any external investment to date, the brand is now generating over $1m in annual revenues.

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Angel Watch was set up by Alexander Clavel, a UK-based serial entrepreneur behind the popular pet accessories company Taylor & Tink, and Panifico Restaurants, a well-known collection of coffee shops – operating successfully for ten years, which he founded in the United Arab Emirates.

His invention and company has more recently landed a partnership with EE, to grow its UK market share. Through the EE partnership, UK-based parents whose children use Angel Watch – will benefit from reliable cellular network access.

“Our partnership with EE will support the roll-out of our brand across the UK, where over 50% of children under seven now own their own smartphone. Angel Watch provides the lifeline of communication, without exposing children to the dangers or distractions that come with a smartphone, social media, internet browsing, and other apps,” said Alex.

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