The London Beer Competition: Crumbs Brewing’s ‘Naan Laager.’

Crumbs Brewing’s ‘Naan Laager’ (which is made with wonky, unsold naan bread) has won a silver award at the fifth edition of this year’s London Beer Competition.

Crumbs Brewing (who are best-known for creating unique beers with unsold bread) has been acknowledged for its quality, value, and packaging.

“With so many breweries opening up in the last few years, the market is intensely competitive. That’s why we are so proud to win this award, because it shows that we are making novel beers – with a food-waste-fighting purpose – that beer drinkers actually want to buy and enjoy,” said the brand’s co-founder, Morgan.

Crumbs Brewing has made a name for itself in the last five years, by creating a range of delicious beers – with unsold loaves, from local bakeries in Surrey. The brewery is on a mission to reduce food waste (bread is the second most wasted food in UK households).

Their newest beer, Naan Laager – was inspired by the idea of creating a light, refreshing lager, that would complement spicy food, such as curry. The nigella seeds in the naan – gives the beer a deliciously refreshing, almost floral finish. The beer is the first of many new innovations in Crumbs Brewing’s future plans, after the brewery completed an initial phase of crowdfunding on Seedrs, this year – in February 2023.

The Crumbs Brewing’s story began – when husband and wife team, Morgan and Elaine Arnell, decided to tackle the issue of bread waste in the UK, which amounts to nearly half the bread in the country – never being eaten.

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Morgan and Elaine turned their back on corporate life, and used their experience of creating insight and ideas for some of the world’s largest brands – to launch Crumbs Brewing.

“After many years of doing the same thing for a variety of other global companies, I developed a passion for the drinks industry, having worked on some of the world’s biggest beer and spirit brands. We both got frustrated that we spent our lives coming up with ideas for other people, and not for ourselves,” said Morgan.

Each beer is brewed – using a different type of leftover loaf, to create unique flavors and styles. Starting out by selling at local markets, Crumbs Brewing now supplies some of the UK’s largest retailers.

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