NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING Launches Its First Pop-Up Shop In Soho.

Sustainable fashion brand, NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING (NOTA – founded by dyslexia advocate Jake Posner) has opened a pop-up shop in Soho – from April 27th – May 30th.

London-based fashion brand, NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING (NOTA) – is bringing high-end sustainable fashion to Soho. The pop-up marks the first time the brand has engaged in in-person shopping, following its launch in 2021.

The industrial-inspired space (located at 33 Great Windmill Street) presents NOTA’s minimalist and sustainable street-wear – that features designs that reflect the brand’s ethos of creating real change in the fashion industry.

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING (NOTA) aims to challenge the conventional fast-fashion industry, by producing high-quality, limited-edition pieces – that are designed to last for years.

The brand’s sustainable ethos is demonstrated through its use of eco-friendly materials, and its responsible production methods. The pop-up shop will also provide personalized styling services through Threads Styling.

Founder, Creative Director, and British Dyslexia Association Ambassador, Jake Posner – was inspired to start the brand, as a means of promoting dyslexia awareness.

He hopes to create a community, where people can express themselves freely, and embrace their differences.

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With his unique perspective and creative vision, Jake has made it his mission to produce sustainable fashion, and to inspire others to follow his lead.

“I’m excited to welcome everyone to the store, and to demonstrate creativity, individuality, and self-expression,” said Jake.

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, to me, is so much more than high-end fashion. It’s about creating a community where people want to belong, due to similarities and differences,” added Jake.

In addition to providing a unique shopping experience, NOTA also plans to create workshops and spaces for people who struggle at school – to share their creativity and ideas.

Initially born in Watford, Jack was kicked out of school – aged 16, with only one GCSE to his name. After working as a sales representative and a product brand manager, he poured himself into his passion – to create NOTA.

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