The Peamutt Butter Re-brand – For Dogs (By Duerr’s + Sons).

Duerr’s & Sons (the Manchester-based family business behind Peamutt Butter) has re-branded the product (Peamutt Butter is the UK’s no.1 peanut butter for dogs).

Duerr’s & Sons (which was established in 1881) is a family business that is barking mad about dogs. The heritage brand has been famed nationwide, for its household jams and marmalades.

Peamutt Butter was created by the family of dog lovers at Duerr’s, to ensure that everyone in the family can enjoy the nutty treat. The product was launched in 2016, and it has since become the UK’s number one peanut butter for dogs. The new branding includes a new ‘Peamutt’ character, which is designed to make the product more noticeable.

“The original idea came from our family dog’s love of peanut butter. As the biggest producer of peanut butter in the UK, it seemed a shame that our pets were missing out, so we created a prototype. Seven years on, we are rebranding to drive growth, and to secure new listings,” said Richard Duerr.

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The vegan, protein-rich peanut butter for dogs is a popular snack among pet owners across the UK.

It contains heart-healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin E, making it an excellent supplement for a dog’s diet. The product is designed to provide dogs with a delicious and nutritious snack, that is easy to digest, and can be consumed on its own, or as a tasty addition to meals.

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