Wild Moose: Empowering Wild Swimmers With… Changing Robes.

In the midst of a heatwave during July 2021, Wild Moose (warm and practical changing robes) emerged to provide thick, fleecy changing robes – for wild swimmers.

Upon launch, Rachel Heley’s Wild Moose – quickly gained traction from the outdoor community, with innovative products – designed to keep enthusiasts warm and comfortable during their adventures.

Rachel’s journey towards launching Wild Moose was shaped by her diverse career background. From teaching French to selling telecoms equipment, eventually, she found herself working as a sports massage therapist.

However, lock-down restrictions posed a challenge to her massage practice, granting Rachel the opportunity to explore her passion for outdoor clothing and accessories, instead.

As an avid outdoor lover, Rachel has always cherished activities such as running, cycling, swimming, and walking. However, her disdain for the cold – led her to envision a super-thick, warm, and waterproof changing robe. This vision coincided with the growing popularity of wild swimming, and Rachel’s personal discovery of its year-round benefits.

“It’s so important for your well-being to spend time outside; appreciating nature and being active. I want to create products that enable people to do that all year round, knowing that whatever they get up to, and no matter how wet or cold they get, they can get warm and dry afterwards,” said Rachel.

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During lock-down, wild swimming became an avenue for community engagement and adventure, allowing her to appreciate the mental well-being benefits of immersing herself in cold water.

Drawing from her own experiences, Rachel identified gaps in the market for outdoor swimmers, and proceeded to design and curate a collection of items – aimed at bringing warmth to people’s outdoor activities. To complement the changing robes, she also introduced a range of waterproof bags, to ensure that belongings stayed dry.

The Wild Moose brand has flourished and expanded its product line beyond the original changing robe. Notably, the Hottum has gained recognition and appreciation within the wild swimming community. This unique product is a hot water bottle – worn in a band around the tummy, complete with a fleece-lined hand warming pocket.

As word spreads, Wild Moose’s appeal extends to horse riders, dog walkers, the camper-van community, and other aquatic sports enthusiasts, who seek warmth and practicality in their outdoor pursuits. With Rachel’s creativity and determination, the brand has exciting plans for further product development in the near future.

Find out more here: https://wild-moose.co.uk