UASHMAMA: Sustainable, Washable Paper Bags (From Tuscany).

Launched in 2011 by Marco Marconie (in Tuscany, Italy), UASHMAMA designs and creates a wide range of sustainable, washable paper bags – that look like leather.

UASHMAMA is a family business, that started out by making paper bags and bread bags. However, the product range developed over time – to now include home-wares, lifestyle products, handbags, backpacks, accessories, and more.

The paper bags are available in a wide range of colors and metallic finishes, and in nine different sizes. The products are made by hand, in Tuscany.

The Marconi family opened their first store, “Le Sorelle” (the sisters) in Lucca in 1994. In 2001, the first paper products were sold in stores, and in 2011, the UASHMAMA company was formed.

Originally, Marco Marconi was a leather craftsman, who had spent years designing and creating leather footwear. In 2011, he discovered a sustainable cellulose fibre.

Extensive research and development led to the creation of AGGO®, the company’s washable paper material – that wears and looks like leather, but it’s completely sustainable.

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The name, ‘UASHMAMA’ – was inspired by Emanuela Marconi, Marco’s wife, and the mother of their four daughters (who is now involved in running the business, too). “Uashmama” comes from the word, “wash” – for the washable aspect of the paper, and “mama” – is a tribute to Emanuela.

“Tradition and research go hand in hand,” said Marco.

The brand is now sold in multiple countries across the globe, with four stores in Tuscany, and two in the US, with a debut UK branch, that launched in October 2022.

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