The Way To A Cleaner Ocean: Tangle: The Sustainable Dog Brand

Launched in 2022, Tangle is a sustainable dog brand; that is making waves in the fight against ghost fishing nets – a major threat to marine life in our oceans.

Tangle aims to: 1. raise awareness, and 2. end the harmful impact of these abandoned fishing nets, through a range of premium dog accessories – that are made from recycled fishing nets. Ghost nets (which are often made from non-biodegradable plastics) account for nearly half of the plastic pollution in our oceans – causing significant harm to marine species. These discarded nets continue to drift in the ocean, entangling, and killing marine life unnecessarily.

The Tangle Dog Lead exemplifies the brand’s commitment to style, sustainability, and functionality. Made from discarded fishing nets, this strong and lightweight 4 ft dog lead – features a padded brown cork handle, a chrome-plated clip, and an O-ring, that allows for easy clipping over the shoulder, when the dog is running free.

The Lead is not only durable, waterproof, and chew-proof, but it is also rinse-able under the tap. It’s available in two sizes: 10mm for small and medium dogs, and 12mm for larger dogs – in an ocean green color.

The brand’s founders, Sam and Xavier – embarked on a mission to re-purpose these harmful nets into durable and sustainable dog products – allowing pet owners to contribute to ocean conservation.

Xavier used to work in the yachting industry, and Sam developed his experience in high-growth start-ups – focused on positive impact.

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By partnering with ports, and offering incentives for fishermen to exchange their old nets, Tangle prevents the nets from being dumped. The recycled fishing nets are transformed into long-lasting dog accessories, and a portion of the proceeds support Ghost Fishing UK – a charity that is dedicated to removing abandoned fishing gear from UK waters.

“We are all aware of the impact of plastic bottles and straws, but ghost nets make up nearly half of all plastics in our oceans, and they’re far more deadly to marine life,” said Tangle’s Co-Founder and CEO, Xavier Warburton.

“By creating beautifully made dog products from recycled nets, Tangle not only addresses the ghost net problem, but we enable animal lovers to save marine life, too,” added Xavier.

The launch of Tangle has garnered attention and recognition for its innovative and sustainable business model.

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