“Ladina Yoga is committed to sustainability and fair trade.”

The Ladina Yoga brand was selected to participate in the 2022-2023 NatWest Accelerator Programme in London (affirming its potential for growth and innovation).

Launched in April 2021, Ladina Yoga is committed to sustainability and fair trade.

The brand is making waves in the yoga community, with its unique range of eco-friendly, handmade yoga gear.

From yoga mats and bags, to bolsters, blocks, sprays, and meditation cushions, the Ladina Yoga collection enhances yoga practices, whilst supporting the environment, and local communities in Madagascar.

The driving force behind Ladina Yoga, is Maysun, who grew up in a diverse cultural background. Being of Indian descent, Malagasy-born, and French, the founder had a deep appreciation for the rich art and craftsmanship found in Madagascar. After witnessing the incredible talent of local artisans, she aspired to take their work to a global audience.

After pursuing a career in Aerospace Engineering, Maysun felt a sense of misalignment, leading to a transformative break, and a “funemployement” period. During this time, whilst reconnecting with her Malagasy roots (and whilst practicing yoga on traditional hand woven mats), the idea of eco-friendly yoga accessories came about.

“I trained as a Yoga Teacher in India, but I came back to London just as lock-down started. I ended up jobless, but Ladina Yoga was born. We launched a year later in April 2021,” said Maysun.

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Ladina Yoga has reached some notable achievements, as well as having a positive impact on the yoga community, and the sustainable community, too, – receiving recognition from Women’s Health Magazine, and Om Yoga.

Also, the brand has successfully sold its products in various countries, including the UK, the US, France, Madagascar, Australia, Germany, and Austria. By paying artists higher than local wages, and by partnering with like-minded organisations, Ladina Yoga ensures fair trade practices, that support the local economy in Madagascar.

Additionally, for each yoga mat sold, Ladina Yoga plants a mangrove tree – contributing towards environmental conservation efforts.

And lastly, Ladina Yoga organises quarterly community yoga and art events in London, with yoga practitioners of all levels – creating a safe, and welcoming space for everyone. By combining yoga with arts and culture, Ladina Yoga promotes holistic well-being, and cultural exchange.

Find out more here: https://ladinayoga.com