Mdlondon Is Launching STRAIT, A Game-Changing Straightener.

Renowned hair expert (and the creator of the award-winning BLOW hairdryer), Michael Douglas from mdlondon – is launching ‘STRAIT,’ a game-changing straightener.

The iron is set to revolutionise hair-styling routines. Designed to reduce straightening times, the irons feature a sleek overall design, that include longer plates – compared to traditional straighteners – ensuring a flawless performance – leaving you with smooth, shiny locks, every single time.

“For years, I’ve been frustrated by the limitations of the vast majority of straighteners, and their bulky designs. With STRAIT, I’m putting control back into the consumer’s hands – allowing them to achieve their ideal style, thanks to its slim design, and its extra-long, floating ceramic plates – that provide a noticeable shine,” said the renowned hair expert, and the creator of the award-winning BLOW hairdryer, Michael Douglas from mdlondon.

The key features of the mdlondon straightening irons, include: a lightweight body that is easy to hold and manoeuvre, longer ironing plates (allowing you to work in bigger sections for a speedier process), and a slim design – that creates easy access to roots and fringes – eliminating unwanted kinks and ridges.

The floating plates of the STRAIT irons provide a superb grip on each strand, preventing flyaway hairs, and ensuring a smooth finish. With a speedy heat-up time, and an optimum temperature of 230°C (which is hotter than most straightening irons), these irons deliver efficient results, quickly.

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Also, for added convenience, the STRAIT irons include an extra-long 3m power cable, ensuring flexibility – even when plug sockets are not easily accessible. And, they’re available in mdlondon’s signature colours, Olive Green and Casual Blue – adding a touch of style to your hair-styling routine. Additionally, a heat mat wrap is included, allowing customers to safely store the STRAIT irons in a handbag (if needed).

Michael Douglas, who is known for his expertise in the hair industry (as well as catering to the tresses of supermodels and celebrities) has brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to the creation of the STRAIT irons. Having worked with renowned beauty houses, and having being featured in prominent fashion and beauty publications, Michael has become a trusted expert in his field, empowering audiences with his easy styling, and his popular tips.

The mdlondon STRAIT irons will be available from June 2023. Stay tuned.

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