Shida Preserved Flowers: Embracing Nature – All Year Round.

In a world where fresh blooms fade away too soon, Katherine Whitchurch’s ‘Shida Preserved Flowers‘ is a fresh, sustainable alternative to traditional floristry.

Via an innovative approach, Shida’s preserved and dried flowers – create stunning arrangements, that bloom beautifully all year round. Launched in 2018, Katherine and Shida has gained recognition for its commitment to quality, creativity, and environmental consciousness.

Katherine Whitchurch (the creative force behind Shida) discovered the enchanting allure of preserved flowers, while she was searching for a longer-lasting solution – for styling a home renovation project.

Dissatisfied with plastic imitations, she found that preserved flowers not only capture the fresh look and feel of real blooms, but they provide a more sustainable option, too. After a previous career in teaching, Katherine retrained in floristry – to bring her vision for Shida to life.

With Katherine leading the creative direction, and her husband, Matthew – overseeing technology and strategy, Shida began as a family venture, however, the team has since expanded.

From the sourcing of flowers and packaging, to the avoidance of harmful products such as floral foam, the company continually strives to do better for the planet.

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Preserved and dried flowers provide a longer-lasting experience, reduce waste, and allow for re-purposing throughout the home. Unlike traditional cut flowers (that require regular replacement(s), Shida’s blooms can grace a room for a year or more, making them a more environmentally-friendly choice.

Shida’s dedication to excellence has drummed up a loyal community of customers and followers across 17 different countries. The designs follow key interior trends, and each arrangement seamlessly complements all room schemes. Whether customers opt in for arrange-at-home flowers, or hand-tied bouquets, each order is meticulously prepared by skilled florists, who all share a passion for floral artistry.

Also, the versatility of Shida’s preserved flowers extends beyond residential spaces, too: the brand has collaborated with renowned clients, and they offer wedding flower collections, as well.

“We want to make it easy to bring the outside in, with contemporary bouquets to elevate your spaces and your mood. All of our flowers are carefully prepared by our highly skilled florists, who have a passion for all things floral, to bring the outside in,” said Katherine.

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