Pura Collagen: Collagen Supplements – For Optimal Well-being

Pura Collagen (a leading provider of high-quality collagen supplements) is revolutionizing the wellness industry, with its scientifically-proven formulations.

Set up by Jennifer Mo (a nutritional formulation expert, with more than twenty five years’ experience in the sports nutrition industry) two years ago, Pura Collagen is a growing range of products, that have been designed to help people to live well.

The brand’s award-winning solutions aim to make the skin glow, naturally boost immunity, aid in injury recovery, and improve sleep quality. The secret behind the effectiveness – lies in the use of Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, which have undergone successful clinical trials in Europe.

The peptides are well-known for their exceptional absorption – ensuring optimal results. Each raw ingredient used in Pura Collagen’s products is carefully scrutinized, with no cheap fillers added. The brand’s ethos is centered on purity, proven efficacy, and a positive mission towards sustainability.

The range includes five products, along with mini versions. The brand has received multiple accolades and awards across the health, beauty, and wellness industries, solidifying its reputation as a top-notch provider of collagen.

Pura Collagen’s commitment to sustainability – extends beyond its formulations. The brand strives to push the boundaries of supplementation packaging, by adopting a plastic-free approach – that is informative, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

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Jennifer attributes the success of Pura Collagen to various factors, including her past experiences with challenging bosses. These experiences motivated her and Rob Knowles – to embark on an entrepreneurial journey; armed with a passion for what they wanted to achieve, and a well-thought-out plan.

“ As a founder, I feel driven, and full of creative energy, but I am only one cog in the wheel of progress,” said Jennifer. 

“I cannot know everything that my business needs, to function at a premium level. Identifying talent, whether it is budding or seasoned, is a great way to look after your business, and to learn on the journey,” added Jennifer.

Pura Collagen’s story is only just beginning. The brand is poised to continue making waves in the health, beauty, and wellness space. With their science-backed collagen supplements, and a commitment to excellence, Pura Collagen is helping individuals to unlock their full potential, both inside and out.

Find out more here: https://puracollagen.co.uk