Knitwear Re-imagined, With Knitluxe Studio’s Szilvia Burrows

Knitluxe Studio: in a world dominated by fast fashion and digital knitting machines, Szilvia Burrows wants to preserve the art of hand-operated machine-knitting.

After graduating from Buckinghamshire New University, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a designer.

In 2017, she walked away with a First Class Honours, and she was awarded with the first prize of the Hill Osborne Bursary, by the Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters – the same year.

After a successful career in product design – with brands, such as Tom Dixon and Joseph Joseph, in response to her research and passion for Ethical Fashion, she embarked on a mission to create re-imagined, sophisticated, practical, and sustainable handcrafted products – with Knitluxe Studio, in 2019.

As a result, Knitluxe Studio is now revolutionizing knitwear.

With a focus on craftsmanship, ethical sourcing, and quality, Szilvia is challenging the perception of knitted textiles: she is paving the way for a greener wardrobe.

Each piece is meticulously-crafted, using traditional hand-powered machine-knitting practices. Szilvia designs and makes each item herself; ensuring sustainable production, and quality.

By using a 12gg vintage hand-flat knitting machine, Szilvia combines the artistry of traditional techniques, with modern contemporary designs – carefully selecting the finest ethically-sourced Merino wool on the market.

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Reducing waste is another crucial aspect of Knitluxe Studio’s ethos: the only waste that’s generated – comes from casting on, casting off, and colour-changing processes. Even this leftover yarn finds purpose in Knitluxe Studio’s Zero Waste Pin Cushions, where they’re reused as filling(s).

Szilvia’s passion for ethical fashion – extends beyond her own studio, as well: she also serves as a knitwear technician at her University, too – passing on her knowledge and expertise to the next generation.

“Focus on what you’re good at. There are probably quite a few people out there doing what we do, but I believe that hard work pays off. Passion shines through. It leads the way,” said Szilvia.

Through workshops and teachings on garment calculation, construction, and creative knitting, Szilvia ensures that the art of machine-knitting continues to thrive. By advocating for natural materials such as wool, as well as showcasing its value, Szilvia hopes to reshape the fashion industry’s perception of sustainability.

Knitluxe Studio has garnered attention and accolades for its dedication to traditional craftsmanship and sustainable design. The studio has been invited to exhibit at prestigious events, such as Chalks Gallery in Lymington, New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, and the Dazzle Exhibition in Edinburgh.

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