Maison Mbosso: Contemporary, Tailor-Made African Menswear

Founded in 2019 + launched in 2022, Maison Mbosso is a luxurious, contemporary, and authentic African clothing line, that’s perfect for African and Diasporan men.

Maison Mbosso = beautifully crafted tailor-made clothes and limited editions. As it stands, there are two different lines on showcase: Skaters of Africa, and Brown City collections. They’re heavily themed, and they’re mainly sold as tailor-made items. Also, MM Muhimu (‘Muhimu’ means ‘essential’ in Swahili) is a line of essentials – made from dead-stock materials.

Maison Mbosso is on a sustainable mission, and they’re achieving this by recycling their own raw materials. The brand was launched by Christèle Mbosso. Christèle was born and raised in Switzerland, with a Congolese (DR Congo) and Angolan heritage. Christèle moved to London to study fashion design, after turning 19. 

“During my third year, I interned for Alexander McQueen and Finery London. I graduated in 2019, after creating a business plan, and a collection for Maison Mbosso. This is where the adventure began,” said Christèle.

Despite being made redundant in 2022, this experience motivated Christèle to launch Maison Mbosso.

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The brand’s authenticity is derived from Maison Mbosso’s long-term partnerships with incredibly talented African artisans, and collaborations with African and Diasporan creatives. Maison Mbosso = slow, authentic, and kinder fashion. Christèle and Maison Mbosso hosted their first fashion event, and a crowdfunding campaign, which launched on Friday 9th June (which will last 30 days).

“My hope is that Maison Mbosso will not only support multiple communities across the continent, but reinforce the authentic identity of the African man – The Maison Mbosso man,” said Christèle.

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