Get Your Start-Up In Front Of Amsvest

Are you currently raising investment for your retail start-up?

We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Lord Sugar’s investment company, Amsvest.

This means that Gramersi brands will now have the unique opportunity to get their start-up in front of the Amsvest team. To date, Amsvest has invested in a wide range of consumer brands, including: Tom Pellereau, Tropic Skincare, Sweets in the City, Sian Marie, The Label Lady, and more.

To Get Involved:

  • You MUST have already been featured on the Gramersi website, and be part of our existing community.
  • You MUST have launched your business, and be generating revenue, already.
  • We won’t accept: apps, tech businesses, franchises, or distributor/license-based businesses (‘own brand’ and ‘own product’ businesses, only).

To apply, simply send your pitch deck to:, with your email heading titled ‘Amsvest.’ We’ll review every pitch deck sent, and we’ll send our shortlist to Amsvest directly to review. The campaign deadline is: 11AM on September 30th, 2021.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to apply for investment from Amsvest through Gramersi.

Disclaimer: we can’t guarantee that an investment, or a response from Amsvest will be made.