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The Apprentice Winner: Meet Marnie Swindells From Bronx.

Apprentice winner Marnie Swindells is a boxing champion + court advocate from Oldham, who runs the boxing gym business Bronx (which Lord Sugar has invested in).

The Apprentice: Meet Dani Donovan From Mermane Hair Extensions

The Apprentice: Dani Donovan is a 26 year-old hair extension(s) expert + entrepreneur from Hertfordshire. She is the owner of the Mermane Hair Extensions salon.

We Are Now CLOSED For Christmas. We’ll Be Back Soon!

We are now CLOSED for Christmas. We’ll be back on Monday 3rd January, 2022.

What IS “The New Role of Retail?”

Despite the harsh reality of the economic turmoil that the COVID-19 pandemic has created, Sheridan&Co’s Co-Founder and Chairman, Michael Sheridan, – believes that the future of retail is looking positive.

Sian Marie Has Launched Their Brand New Collection, ‘ESSENCE 1.0’

Sian Marie, the sophisticated lounge-wear label (driven by quality craftsmanship), – has announced the launch of their brand new collection, ESSENCE 1.0, – which consists of tonal contemporaries, and forward-fashion pieces.

The Queen’s Grocer, Partridges – Launches Their Brand New Scented Candle Range

From the heart of Chelsea, Partridges (the world-renowned grocer to the Queen), – is excited to announce the launch of their brand new Scented Candle range, which will see a new addition to their existing ‘Chelsea Flower Collection,’ just in time for Mother’s Day.

Selling Your Products On Instagram

Throughout your life, you will have most likely have heard the old saying “a picture paints a
thousand words” (or words to that effect), right? With this in mind, Instagram has taken that
phrase to a whole new level, since its creation in 2010, by Mr Kevin Systrom.

Tim Campbell MBE’s Top Tips On How To Succeed In Life

Tim Campbell MBE gives his top tips on how you can succeed in life.

Perfume Done Differently With Solid Scent Co.’s Portable Fragrance

Solid Scent Co. has developed a portable fragrance range, both for men and women, which is kind to the planet.