Author: Elinor Rees

Upgrade Your Dairy With Biotiful’s New Kefir Shots

Biotiful has released new flavours of Kefir shots to support your immunity.

Lycofertilic: Targeted Daily Supplements For Fertility Support

CaDi has released LycofertilicTM – a supplement with algae DHA Omega-3, to provide anti-ageing support for the ovarian reserve, and for egg retrieval and IVF.

The House of Curls Launches Innovative Yo-Yo Inspired Curling Device

The House of Curls has launched the Curlyo Hair Curler, a curling device that is less damaging on your hair, and was influenced by the design of a yo-yo.

Brushbox: Zero-Waste Toothpaste to Combat Ocean Plastic Pollution

Sustainable oral healthcare brand, Brushbox has created a Zero-Waste toothpaste in response to a major environmental concern.

Welsh Kombucha Brand Scoops Gold In Great Taste Awards

Blighty Booch’s Organic Ginger Kombucha has been awarded 3-stars – the highest accolade at the prestigious Great Taste Awards.

Birmingham Students Win ‘Amazon Campus Challenge’ Via Pura Cosmetics

Students from the University of Birmingham have teamed up with Pura Cosmetics to become the first-ever UK winners of the Amazon Campus Challenge.

German Studio Launches Perfume With An Electronic Label

German Studio, LOOK LABS has launched Cyber EDP (Eau de Parfum), the first ever unisex fragrance with an illuminated label, embedded printed electronics and a sustainable message.