Author: Shawnee Harkness

“9/10 Beauty Products Contain Micro-plastic.” True Or False?

New research by the Plastic Soup Foundation shows that 87% of products created by 10 of the best-selling cosmetics brands contain this ingredient: micro-plastic.

THESE Are The Wellness Trends That Are Set to Dominate 2022.

Innermost asked the experts, and dug into their own consumer data – to uncover the biggest trends and innovations set to dominate the wellness sector this 2022.

9-Out-of-10 UK Women Are UNHAPPY With Their Skin. Here’s Why.

Hada Labo Tokyo’s ‘Fresh Faced: Mapping Out The Secret To Lifelong Healthy Skin’ explores UK women aged 35+ and their attitudes towards skincare. See more here.

“Most Brits Now EXPECT Same Day Deliveries,” says ParcelHero

New research from the home delivery experts, ParcelHero, shows a “dramatic” change in online attitudes and expectations. The question is: can retailers deliver?

No-Low Brands For Dry January And Beyond: Our 2022 Round-up.

Here are the most interesting and innovative no-low-alcohol selections to help you revitalise the very reason you decided to start the year sober: Dry January.

The UK Plastics Pact Shows Major Advances In Four Key Areas.

In 2020, the UK Plastics Pact helped to reduce plastic packaging usage by 10%, DOUBLE recyclable content, and more (moving the UK forward in the climate crisis).

GlobalData’s 2022 Prediction: ‘The Future Is Checkout-Free.’

GlobalData predicts the international expansion of checkout-free stores, non-food specialist stores using ‘ambient commerce,’ and increased global competition.

Working In 2022 + Beyond: Here Are GlobalData’s Predictions.

In their latest report ‘TMT Predictions 2022,’ the leading data and analytics company, GlobalData – offers up their predictions on the future of work in the UK.

Antler (The UK Heritage Brand) Unveils A Fresh New Look In Australia

ANTLER (the London-based heritage luggage brand) has launched a refreshed new e-commerce website in Australia, – moving them into a new chapter of expansion.

FYI: Our Neurological Response To Online Retail Frustrations

A new study conducted by Goldsmiths University (in partnership with Loqate), – captured brain activity responses to online shopping frustrations, via EEG scans.