Baby & Family

Dearbump’s Workplace Maternity Support Crowdfunds 6 Figures.

Emma Jarvis from the pregnancy subscription box, Dearbump, – has raised more than six figures through crowdfunding (to fund maternity support in the workplace).

Fearless Adventures Invests In Pets Purest (Pet Supplements)

A husband-and-wife team who found a cure for their pet pooch and turned it into one of the fastest-growing pet supplement businesses has just raised investment.

Pip And Henry: The Sustainable Children’s Footwear Brand.

Launched in November 2021 by Jeroo Doodhmal, Pip And Henry is the sustainable children’s footwear brand that everyone’s talking about.

Sally Hughes + Kair: Reimagining Laundry (The Way It Should Be)

Founded in 2021, Kair was formulated to expertly clean the clothes you love, ensuring that you can wear them as often as you want, for as long as you want.

Improve Your Chances of Conception With Twoplus Fertility.

Twoplus Fertility is bringing their affordable, at-home fertility device to the UK, – to help the 1-in-7 couples who may experience difficulties conceiving.

Shroot: “Greens And Greetings:” Cards And Plant Pots In One.

Shroot (“shoots and roots”) is a small, Wales-based start-up that is best known for their “Greens & Greetings” innovation: greeting cards and plant pots in one.

Meet Bibevie’s Rhian Thompson

Meet Rhian Thompson from Bibevie (the planet-conscious babywear company, that’s on a mission to banish dribble bibs that never stay(s) in place).

Meet Oliver’s Cupboard, The Brand That Promotes Foodclusion.

Oliver’s Cupboard is a baby food brand that reflects the UK’s diverse society, – whilst giving babies the chance to experience world flavours from a young age.

MyBabyGrow: A World-First Sleepsuit With A Sewn-In Vest Combo

MyBabyGrow was Founded in 2021 by an Essex-based husband-and-wife duo (Pam + Ben). The product is a world-first innovative sleepsuit (with a sewn-in vest combo).

Meet The Investment Banker (Emma Lawrence) Behind Strolleazi

Launched in June 2019 (by an investment banker turned product designer, named Emma Lawrence), Strolleazi is on a mission to reinvent the parenting industry.