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When Júlia Guimarães Launched Piccoli – For Petite Women!

Piccoli is a fashion label for petite women that was launched in August 2022, after careful + in-depth research by its founder Júlia Guimarães – a petite woman.

DCYPHER: Bespoke, Made To Order, Perfectly-Matched Cosmetics

Each DCYPHER product is made bespoke to reduce the impact of waste, by using technology to tailor an exact and perfectly-matched product to the customer’s skin.

Disruptor London: The Planet Positive, Personal Care Brand.

Disruptor London’s philosophy is to use: ethically sourced, naturally derived, vegan, organic, cruelty free raw materials, AND up-cycled, plant-based leftovers.

Pride Cosmetics: Greener, Vegan Cosmetics – For Men + Women.

Pride Cosmetics was born from a passion for sustainability, and a love for animals. The brand promotes nourishment/love for your skin, and… a greener planet.

TMPL: The Inclusive, Caring Skincare Brand For Men Of Colour

“There weren’t any decent grooming brands that catered to my needs as a black man, so I decided to create one myself,” said TMPL’s Co-Founder, Raphael Babalola.

Elvis + Kresse Accessories: Made From Fire Brigade Fire Hoses

Elvis + Kresse: luxury bags, purses, wallets, and accessories – made from materials that are destined to end up in landfill (including fire brigade fire hoses).

Futliit: The School Bag That Keeps Your Kids Safe And Visible

Futliit is a solution to a common problem that’s encountered by parents (particularly in rural areas): to be seen on their walk, – during the dark winter hours.

Bourn Beautiful Naturals: The Vegan Hair And Body Care Range

Launched in 2017, Bourn Beautiful Naturals is a Black-woman-owned brand that makes ‘nasties-free,’ solution-based products for textured hair and sensitive skin.

Laura Zabo: Accessories Made From Recycled Tyres/Inner Tubes

Laura Zabo founded her brand in 2015, – to create unique and fashionable up-cycled statement pieces (they’re made from recycled bicycle tyres, and inner tubes).

SANS-: A Brand New Natural + Sustainable Deodorant Start Up.

Launched in December 2021 by Alistair Fitch and Oliver Elmes, SANS- makes sustainable, natural deodorants that last a lifetime – in a timeless, aluminium design.