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Meet Thomas Royall + Calum Best (The Interview)

Meet Francesca Ridgewell, Lauren Corbett and Calum Best from Thomas Royall (the men’s swimwear + shorts brand) in this exclusive video interview. Watch it here.

Murdock Barbers of London Have Launched ‘Sea Salt Paste’

Launched by barbers for men: lock your style this winter, with Murdock Barbers of London’s BRAND NEW volume-boosting ‘Sea Salt Paste.’

Thomas Royall + Calum Best (Trailer)

Meet Thomas Royall: Francesca Ridgewell, Lauren Corbett and Calum Best. Coming soon…

Aaron Wallace Has Launched Into Liberty London

Aaron Wallace (the black male grooming brand) has launched into the iconic, luxury department store, Liberty London.

Tooth. Launches! With Kiana Guyon

Tooth. (the eco-friendly toothbrush brand) has now launched. Don’t forget to watch our catch up with Tooth.’s Kiana Guyon here.

Tooth. (The Eco-Friendly Toothbrush Brand) Has Now Launched.

Tooth. (the eco-friendly toothbrush brand) – has officially launched to the public. We first introduced Tooth. to our readers just over a year ago, in July ’20.

Thomas Royall: Calum Best Has Joined The Brand As A Partner And Investor. 

Thomas Royall has just announced that Calum Best (who has worn their shorts since they first launched), – has now joined the team as a partner, and an investor.

Daniella Draper: Crowned ‘Mono-Brand Retailer of the Year,’ At The UK Jewellery Awards, 2021

The sustainable jewellery brand, Daniella Draper, – has scooped up the ‘Mono-Brand Retailer of the Year’ award for the second consecutive year, at the UK Jewellery Awards, 2021.

Inscripture: The Engraving Specialist That Makes Personalised Gifts.

Discover Inscripture, – the award-winning, family-run business that was established in 2016, with a vision to create timeless, unique, sentimental, and style-savvy, engraved gifts to treasure.

Arctic Peak: Affordable, Accessible And Stylish Sustainable Fashion (For Men).

Arctic Peak takes the exclusivity out of sustainability when it comes to men’s fashion, – making it easy and accessible for men to look stylish, dress sustainably, and care for the environment (affordably).