Men’s Fashion & Personal Care

Niqolas Bassano: Tech-Focused Fitness And Lifestyle Clothing

Niqolas Bassano started out as an idea that was presented to a board of leaders at the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme, which scooped up a first prize award.

Bio-D Has Launched A New, Naturally-Derived Soap Bar Range.

Bio-D (the British green cleaning company) secured it’s B-Corp certification earlier this year, followed by the launch of their new 100% natural soap bar range.

Re_Threads: The Work-wear Brand That Empowers The Overlooked

Re_Threads: a work-wear brand that’s on a quest to empower the overlooked. The range includes 16 pieces: 7 items for women, 6 items for men, and 3 unisex items.

Hair Loving: Oils For Dandruff, Hair Loss, And Hair Growth.

Set up in 2019 by Nadia Hussain, Hair Loving means = natural botanical ingredients for hair growth, scalp health and shine (via non-invasive hair care for all).

SRFDRY: Surf And Outdoor Products, Changing Robes, And More.

SRFDRY is a specialised surf and outdoor sports brand, – which promotes the idea of using water sports and outdoor pursuits as a means to improve mental health.

FANACCI: The Most Advanced and Versatile Clothing Collection

FANACCI’s fashion-tech clothing line (‘the most advanced and versatile clothing collection’) has finally been revealed, with pre-orders launching on Kickstarter.

Dr Zahida Johal’s Story: From Dentist To Dismissal To ZSmile

ZSmile is an online teeth-whitening start-up, which was launched last year (in 2021), by a 55 year old dentist, named Dr Zahida Johal (after she was dismissed).

Marie Callan’s URBAG®: The Sustainable Luxury Garment Cover.

Marie Callan from URBAG® is tackling the single-use waste crisis in the laundry industry, with the world’s first ever sustainable luxury garment cover.

Tranquillity Jewellery Anxiety Rings: Mindfulness Meets Style

Launched in Jan 2020 (just before the COVID-19 outbreak), Tranquillity Jewellery (+ their popular Anxiety Rings) combines mindfulness with contemporary style.

Meet Lucy Rout, The 27 Year Old Cancer Survivor Behind Tabuu

Tabuu is a pill case start-up launched by Lucy Rout, a 27-year-old cancer survivor who wants to remove the stigma when it comes to taking medication in public.