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Dearbump’s Workplace Maternity Support Crowdfunds 6 Figures.

Emma Jarvis from the pregnancy subscription box, Dearbump, – has raised more than six figures through crowdfunding (to fund maternity support in the workplace).

Fearless Adventures Invests In Pets Purest (Pet Supplements)

A husband-and-wife team who found a cure for their pet pooch and turned it into one of the fastest-growing pet supplement businesses has just raised investment.

Veraco Hygiene Solutions: Helping Businesses To Reopen Safely

Veraco is an innovator in hygiene solutions for frequently touched surfaces: their antibacterial touchpoint cover is helping businesses to reopen safely.

Meet Brian + Ashleigh: The Duo Behind Health-Wise (Collagen)

Meet Health-Wise – the up and coming brand behind the newly launched Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen (launched by a father-daughter duo from South Africa).

Piddle Patch Receives 4/5 Investment Offers On Dragons’ Den.

In case you missed last night’s episode, Rebecca Sloan’s Piddle Patch appeared on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, and received multiple investment offers from 4/5 Dragons.

Sandra McDonough’s ‘Eye Guide MC’ For Parkinson’s Sufferers.

A woman named Sandra McDonough (who has battled with Parkinson’s for almost twenty years) has invented ‘Eye Guide MC,’ – to help people with Parkinson’s.

Dr Vegan: Bringing Clarity, Simplicity + Ethics To Nutrition

Launched in the summer of 2020, Dr Vegan’s goal is to bring clarity, simplicity + ethics to nutrition and supplements. Their motto is “Better Me. Better Planet.”

Meet Lucy Rout, The 27 Year Old Cancer Survivor Behind Tabuu

Tabuu is a pill case start-up launched by Lucy Rout, a 27-year-old cancer survivor who wants to remove the stigma when it comes to taking medication in public.

Improve Your Chances of Conception With Twoplus Fertility.

Twoplus Fertility is bringing their affordable, at-home fertility device to the UK, – to help the 1-in-7 couples who may experience difficulties conceiving.

Antler (The UK Heritage Brand) Unveils A Fresh New Look In Australia

ANTLER (the London-based heritage luggage brand) has launched a refreshed new e-commerce website in Australia, – moving them into a new chapter of expansion.