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The Wellness Remedy For Women (Take Control Of Your Health).

Launched in Aug. 2022 by a 41-year-old Founder named Chloe, The Wellness Remedy is a supplement brand for women (take control of your health, and feel amazing).

Meet Danny Lowe From BLOCKHEAD, Who Invented The Energy Gum.

Inspired by an absorption lecture at Uni, Danny Lowe launched BLOCKHEAD to give athletes, sports people, + fitness enthusiasts a quick boost, via an Energy Gum.

TLC SPORT Has Launched A New Inclusive ‘Everybody’ Campaign.

This month, TLC SPORT (the leading active-wear brand) has launched a ground breaking campaign called ‘Everybody,’ that celebrates women of all ages/body shapes.

Presca Sportswear: Produced From 100% Post Consumer Waste.

Presca Sportswear: the eco-friendly sportswear brand that’s on a mission to do good for the planet. The products are made from 100% post consumer waste.

Luna Daily Has Launched A #PublicCervixAnnouncement Campaign

Luna Daily’s #PublicCervixAnnouncement campaign is raising cervical screening awareness, AND it’s encouraging companies to give time off – to those who need it.

Tooth Be Told: Vegan, Plastic Free Mint Charcoal Toothpaste.

Tooth be Told: a vegan, mint charcoal toothpaste (the colour comes from the charcoal ingredient). The odours are neutralised by another ingredient: coconut oil.

Müd Wellies: Sustainable, Stylish Wellington Boots For Women

Started by Tina and her daughters in 2016, Müd Wellies’ wellington boots are designed to empower women to be bold, confident, and comfortable in their own skin.

Niqolas Bassano: Tech-Focused Fitness And Lifestyle Clothing

Niqolas Bassano started out as an idea that was presented to a board of leaders at the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme, which scooped up a first prize award.

HUX: Health Supplements That Make Complex Nutrition Simple.

After two years in development, HUX finally launched this year in 2022 by three friends and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make complex nutrition simple.

HotTea Mama Launches Menopause And Period Pain Relief Tea.

HotTea Mama has created two new blends, named ‘Take a Pause’ and ‘Over the Moon.’ Both are focused on the discomfort and pain linked to menopause and periods.