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Galventa Launches A World-First Wake-Up Capsule: ‘B-Sync ON’

The ‘B-Sync ON’ supplement was launched by Galventa, – a life science brand that launched in 2021; that’s committed to improving sleep, and the circadian clock.

Block COVID-19, Colds, And Flu – With A BioSURE Nasal Spray.

BioSure Global (the team behind the world’s first ever CE-marked HIV self-test) has launched another innovative product: the BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray.

Protein Rebel Collagen: The Run Easy Marine Peptides Powder.

Protein Rebel has launched a ‘Run Easy Marine Collagen Peptides Powder,’ to help customers strengthen their joints and ligaments – to reduce the risk of injury.

The Wellness Remedy For Women (Take Control Of Your Health).

Launched in Aug. 2022 by a 41-year-old Founder named Chloe, The Wellness Remedy is a supplement brand for women (take control of your health, and feel amazing).

Luna Daily Has Launched A #PublicCervixAnnouncement Campaign

Luna Daily’s #PublicCervixAnnouncement campaign is raising cervical screening awareness, AND it’s encouraging companies to give time off – to those who need it.

Niqolas Bassano: Tech-Focused Fitness And Lifestyle Clothing

Niqolas Bassano started out as an idea that was presented to a board of leaders at the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme, which scooped up a first prize award.

HotTea Mama Launches Menopause And Period Pain Relief Tea.

HotTea Mama has created two new blends, named ‘Take a Pause’ and ‘Over the Moon.’ Both are focused on the discomfort and pain linked to menopause and periods.

S’WHEAT: The Reusable Bottle (Made From Wheat And Plants).

S’wheat (the reusable bottle made from sustainably sourced wheat straw and plant-based materials) was launched by two young Scottish entrepreneurs back in 2018.

Allow Your Child To Cycle Safely With A Kidvelo Balance Bike

Kidvelo Bikes provide a safe and easy way for children to ride their bike(s) without a stabiliser, thanks to the brand’s especially-designed balance bikes.

Harness The Power Of Mushrooms, With A Dirtea Super Blend.

Dirtea: the purest, most potent mushroom-based blends and powders on the market. Improve immunity, enhance focus, boost brain power, and progress performance.