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Bounce Back: The Drink That Replenished Glastonbury In 2022.

Bounce Back: quenching music lovers thirst at Glastonbury 2022 with their post-social replenishment drink (which was designed to be consumed after socialising).

Equestrians Can’t Get Enough of Sophie Mercer’s ‘Eqcouture.’

Set up by the equestrian, businesswoman and designer, Sophie Mercer, Eqcouture has a distinctive designer sports-luxe edge that equestrians can’t get enough of.

BOXD: The Protein Shake For Nutritionally Deficient Women.

Founded in 2021, BOX​​D is a multi-nutrient protein shake for women, with sixteen added vitamins and minerals (to mitigate common nutritional deficiencies).

Allow Your Child To Cycle Safely With A Kidvelo Balance Bike

Kidvelo Bikes provide a safe and easy way for children to ride their bike(s) without a stabiliser, thanks to the brand’s especially-designed balance bikes.

“There’s nothing fast about Reflo…” said Rory MacFadyen.

The idea behind Reflo has evolved from ‘sportswear made from recycled waste,’ to a mission of creating the most sustainable sportswear brand on the planet.

Harness The Power Of Mushrooms, With A Dirtea Super Blend.

Dirtea: the purest, most potent mushroom-based blends and powders on the market. Improve immunity, enhance focus, boost brain power, and progress performance.

Eco Friendly Cycling Fashion Brand, Staark, Is Now A B-Corp.

Staark, the eco friendly cycling fashion brand, is now a B-Corp. The brand was launched by Alasdair Scott in 2018 to flip the cycle-fashion sector on it’s head.

Caire Beauty: Skincare For Hormonal Decline (And Menopause).

Caire’s PhD-designed formulations use an innovative approach to the aging concerns of sags, bags and skin volume, with science-backed bio-nutritive ingredients.

Regrowz: The Natural, Cruelty Free, Hair Loss Product Range.

Established in 2016, Regrowz is a UK-based company that specialises in hair loss products and hair restoration, using natural, cruelty-free ingredients, only.

“The Holiday Shop London” Has Re-branded To “Go Emu.”

“The Holiday Shop London” has re-branded to “Go Emu,” and they’ve launched a brand new range of colourful, practical, travel, sports, and leisure accessories.